Sculptures By The Sea 2014

Date: Sep 03, 2015
Category: Event

With the annual ‘Sculptures By The Sea’ exhibition on the walk from Bondi to Tamarama coast walk coming up on 22 October 2015 to Sunday 08 November, we thought we would share some news and photos of the project we were a part of last year.

The project was called “Coast Totems” and was designed by Linda Matthews, Nuala Collins and Ben Peake from Carterwilliamson Architects. It consisted of 3 circular concrete footings with 3 various height stainless steel totems/cylinders bolted to the concrete. Then plywood disks that collared around the base of the cylinder posts (concealing any fixings) with swirled prints on them completed the project.

How it worked? The closer you get to the totems the the higher up the totem the reflection of the horizontal print is and due to the curve of the round totem bringing the swirled print of the disk to a perfectly scaled image vertically up the totem. (See photos attached)

The effect was amazing and earned them 2nd place for the “Peoples choice award”. The clean up was well organised and being a heritage zone we had to have the site return to its original state which was accomplished thanks to some well planned preparation and organisation. Was great to be a part of.news_06news_02 news_03news_05news_07

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