A Modern Home Extension For An Affordable Price

Date: Aug 13, 2018
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MATTBUILD were delighted with the result of this modern home extension in Bangor, Sydney.

MATTBUILD are home extension professionals. The existing structure in Bangor provided us with the ideal opportunity to create something modern and practical. Based in the south of Sydney, the home is in an excellent location with beautiful surrounding views.

For this home extension there were two primary objectives. Firstly, to work collaborative with Scard Design and transform the existing home into a modern large family home. The second, to do this for a third of the cost for a typical knockdown and rebuild.

We knew that for these objectives to be met we’d have to keep strict deadlines. Partnerships are very important to us at MATTBUILD and this job was no exception. By working closely with the home owners, we were able to deliver their dream home for a fraction of a rebuild cost.


A Little About The Home Extension – 

At MATTBUILD, nothing makes us happier than delivering our clients their dream home!

Overtime we’ve discovered the key to achieving success is to work closely with home owners and architects. Close partnerships ensure clear briefs and enable us to really focus on delivering an exceptional extension, renovation, or new home!

For this home extension we helped to re-design the 1st floor layout to meet the clients vision. MATTBUILD also renovated the ground floor and alfresco area. Finally we replaced all the windows and sliding doors throughout the home. This was the last step to elevate the home and give it the look and feel of a new build.

MATTBUILD always takes time and care to ensure that every home extension goes to plan. We achieved this by stripping all the 1st floor internal walls, plasterboard and external cladding. This really gave us a blank canvas to work our magic on. We also re-framed sections of the roof and incorporated the once sun room into part of the house. By doing this we were able to maximise the amount of available space and deliver our clients their dream home!


Attention To Detail Is Crucial To Home Extension Success – 

MATTBUILD have a keen eye for detail! Traditionally before we begin a home extension we carefully evaluate the existing property. This allows us to thoroughly understand what building materials have been originally used and how to best complement these materials. For this specific project the fact that we were able to keep the existing skeleton of the house. This was a major financial benefit for our client! We had a great time working on this home extension due to the fantastic relationships with the client, architects and interior designers.

Key Features Of This Home Extension –

  • Scyon Stria cladding boards
  • Rendered brickwork
  • Timber veneer designed garage doors
  • New Colorbond roofing
  • Hardwood timber entrance screen
  • Unique bathroom designs


Home Extension Summary:

Duration: 4 months
Architect: Scard Design
Beds: 4
Completed: Delivered on time


MATTBUILD deliver beautiful homes. We love creating homes that are special and different for each of our clients. Nothing makes us happier than when we receive feedback about our work!

Once we completed this project, our clients said;

“Our renovation exceeded our expectations. The house is amazing from the way it looks down to how well everything was built. Communication from the site was fantastic, we always knew what was happening every step of the way and were involved in all decisions to improve the build.”

MATTBUILD deliver exceptional homes across Sydney. We are home builders that love building! Building is our passion and we believe that when you’re passionate about something, that it will always ensure your success. This has proven the case over the years as we’ve continued to provide our clients with custom building solutions. Each build remains a unique piece that has been tailored to our clients requests. Although we are specialised home builders, we also do home renovations and home extensions. There is something special about transforming an old well loved existing structure into something vibrant and new. Our building services reflect our passion and commitment to deliver you an exceptional end result. To get a quote and speak to us today please

Contact us today at or (02) 9545 1712

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