MATTBUILD Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Date: Feb 09, 2021
Category: Sydney Home Builders

MATTBUILD is turning 10 today!

The team at MATTBUILD couldn’t be prouder to be celebrating their 10 year anniversary, it’s been a decade of building incredible homes and friendships.


Below is a few words from MATTBUILD’s fearless leaders, Matt and Matt.

“Family has really been such a big part of getting where we are today. That is, our personal families and the loyalty of staff. To have the opportunity to work with such great clients and architects has allowed us to be where we are. People have put their trust in us, and we are grateful that we get to deliver on that.” – Matt Sweeney

“We are super appreciative and grateful for being able to spend the last 10 years building a team of workmates, loyal subtrades & suppliers, unreal client relationships and plenty of homes along the way. Thanks so much everyone!” – Matt Chapman


10 key features created over 10 years:
  • The MATTBUILD family is the primary feature of what has been created in the past 10 years.
  • Growth is valued within our company, for the business and our individual employees.
  • Loyalty and trust are core values for MATTBUILD.
  • We take pride in every home that we build as we always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.
  • Being a community-based company, majority of our projects have come from client referrals.
  • Innovative construction combined with traditional values, has given the company a successful 10 years filled with many achievements.
  • MATTBUILD has always maintained an educational element within the company. With 10 apprentices over 10 years, we take pride in guiding our apprentices and teaching them quality craftmanship.
  • With both founders being driven and ambitious, we are consistently looking to improve and excel in all aspects of the business.
  • Our company upholds a strong social culture, maintaining close relationships with clients, tradesmen, and subcontractors.
  • Whilst quality work is at the forefront of our company, MATTBUILD also highly value the significance of always being respectful and professional.

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The entire team at MATTBUILD extends a big thank you to all of their clients, family and friends for the continued support and can’t wait for another 10 years to come!

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MATTBUILD deliver exceptional homes across Sydney. We are home builders that love building! Building is our passion and we believe that when you’re passionate about something, that it will always ensure your success. This has proven the case over the years as we’ve continued to provide our clients with custom building solutions. Each build remains a unique piece that has been tailored to our clients requests. Although we are specialised new home builders, we also do home renovations and home extensions. There is something special about transforming an old well loved existing structure into something vibrant and new. Our building services reflect our passion and commitment to deliver you an exceptional end result. To get a quote and speak to us today please

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